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economic regionalism
January 12, 2007, 2:55 pm
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i just red an article written by john ravenhill, a professor in ANU. it’s about the economic regionalism. there he argues that economic regionalism is gaining a new trend. if we look at the success of the EU, no wonder, he also argues, that many regions in the world are dying to copy the success of the EU.

i don’t really understand economic discussion, but if we take his arguments in this article it’s very interesting to ponder, how such unstable region like europe after the WWII can change the balance of power in the world. look, the english was once the enemy of the french, the british, the portugese, the spanish and the dutch were once competing with each other to control the world. even the german was a common enemy of the neighbouring countries during the WWII. now look at them, they are amongst the most prosperous countries in the world and undoubtedly, a major power in its own. they have an influence to the world’s politics.

i just wondering if we can apply this theory of economic regionalism in the middle-east. let’s think about it, middle-east is a rich region, even though not all countries in the region can be considered as a rich country, look at the bright side, middle-eastern countries are amongst the top-ten oil importers in the world. this thing should be benefited them since long time ago. but why they are so slow in the globalization and at the same time they are not as powerful as other world’s economics leaders?

maybe we can blame to the conflicts that have been deteriorating this region for quite long period of time. taking the argument of economic cooperation and fien example from the EU, i don’t think it’s impossible for this region to be a major power in the future ahead, only the question is how and where to start?


our very own blog
January 12, 2007, 2:32 pm
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we actually don’t really know why did we make this blog for. faeza has lots of interests which are different from my interests. so, don’t expect a specific discussion here, the discussion will be as broad as our thinking is concerned.

this blog was made by an indonesian guy married to a singaporean lady and unfortunately we are still living in singapore. how we wish we were in the middle-east right know, because that is the only place that faeza and i share in common.

anyway, we are expecting our first child, he/she is due in june 2007 inshaAllah, please pray for faeza’s and the baby’s safety.

my own blog
January 12, 2007, 12:16 pm
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i have my very own blog, at last. i don’t want to limit my blog into a specific discussion. i’ll let my writing flowing freely. i’ll discuss everything that i think need to be discussed. there is no absolute answer in this world, so i won’t give my readers an ultimate conclusion. let them have their own. so here we go umay’s thoughts.